Gillian Hause




(303) 550 2012

I joined ShelterBelt Design as an Intern June of 2018. I enjoy playing tennis in the sun with family and taking the occasional off-roading trip through the mountains. In my free time, I create portraits of people through graphite, oil paint, and marker. I was drawn to architecture as a way of artistic creation. While I love living in Colorado, I wanted to expand into a new geography. I just finished my first year of architecture school on the west coast at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Before coming home for the summer, I began researching architecture firms in Colorado. I was drawn to ShelterBelt Design for their implementation of nature into everyday living. I was also intrigued by their ability to design such a wide scope of projects. I am excited to learn and experience first-hand the full process of design, from the base concept through completion.

ShelterBelt Mission: Work collaboratively with community-minded clients to influence a smarter built environment that uplifts the human spirit and is founded on connections to the great outdoors.