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Business Director

I launched ShelterBelt Design in September of 2015.  Before studying architecture I attended art school to study print making and photography.  I also adventured with friends and family in the outdoors and labored as a tree planter in Northern British Columbia.  I have always loved setting up camp!  I asked myself, "how do I get to set up camp everyday?", which quite directly led me to a Master of Architecture degree.  My interest in the arts was heavily influenced by my family of art makers and builders. After 18 years of working at architecture firms with a sustainability vision in San Francisco and Colorado I am using my multi-disciplinary experience to build an architecture practice around my passion for the outdoors.  I bring my long standing commitment to sustainable thinking and practice to all of my projects, including my own home.  I renovated a 600 square foot house in Denver, originally built in 1893 as housing for railroad workers, to be my treasured urban retreat.   I am highly motivated by getting special projects built and by being invited to the party when it is done.

ShelterBelt Mission: Work collaboratively with community-minded clients to influence a smarter built environment that uplifts the human spirit and is founded on connections to the great outdoors.