R E B E C C A  L A S Z E W S K I


Junior Designer

 Financial Director

I joined ShelterBelt Design in April of 2016. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains carved-out a space in my heart for nature and how the built environment has an impact on the native biology and landscape at hand. I studied environmental design and architecture at the University of Colorado in Boulder. During my tenure, I got the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy. There I made lifelong friends, memories, and an unbeatable experience of living among a culture that was well established before the rise of machines and technology. As a part of the ShelterBelt Design team, I am excited to hone my architectural skills and create, not only great buildings for people, but also great buildings that focus on the relationship between people and their surroundings. At times I feel like we can really lose that connection and forget our roots and our impact on this planet that each one of us can call home. The ShelterBelt Mission rings true to my heart - it excites me to pursue a career that I am passionate about with a goal to enhance our human experience both amongst one another and amidst the natural environment . 

ShelterBelt Mission: Work collaboratively with community-minded clients to influence a smarter built environment that uplifts the human spirit and is founded on connections to the great outdoors.