Ceilings of The Met

Last Thursday, I packed up my small Northface backpack, got on a compact plane and and flew the bearable four-hour fight from Denver to New York City. This was my first time visiting the Big Apple. One of my best friends from grade school moved there a few years ago so after multiple threats and attempts to visit her, I finally pulled the trigger.

The first full day I was there (Friday), my friend was unfortunately stuck at work. What better way to spend the 9-5 than at The Metropolitan Museum of Art? Though I spent almost 8 hours meandering through this astounding museum, I assume I missed 70% of what this vast building holds. An impressive feature of The Met is the display of art and architecture on every. single. wall. Including the ceilings! 

Here is a quick photographic series that I put together of #ceilingsofthemet. Enjoy and remember to always look up!

Also, here is an image of the Chrysler Building... cause it was such a beautiful day! :-)

Keep looking up... That’s the secret of life...
— Snoopy


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